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Writing today’s post before sleep not because I’m currently having trouble sleeping, but because I fully intend to sleep as late as possible tomorrow to allow myself to wake up, bolt out the door for work, come home, and lose myself in the new season in Diablo. Today, I’ll be rambling about something that’s kinda been getting under my skin lately. A bit of a sore spot that there really isn’t too much to do about, other than rant then resolve.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m casual in WoW these days, and came from a long-ish background in Heroic and Mythic progression. I thrill for the difficult fight, with a crack team of well-trained raiders working together like clockwork. The fun kinda runs where everyone knows how each other person is going to react through pure muscle memory, and you can raid in either complete silence or while talking about completely different things. I loved being a part of a team like that, and my proudest and fondest memories in WoW came from those raids, or the people I raided with trying to blow off steam outside of it.

Well, now that I’m casual and my guild’s raids are on days I work late (aka every day except for my days off, since I always close, and they’re east-coast raid times whereas I live on the west coast), I pugged Normal Hellfire Citadel a few times. Tried to get a couple other casual guildies in along with me, then they went on vacation and I stopped caring enough to try. Eventually, another one of my friends asked me to help out with their raid group. They started with Blackrock Foundry and were claiming a full clear, so I figured why the hell not, I want to try for The Black Hand.

Almost 3 hours of wipes later, I realized the group wasn’t all it was cracked out to be. Sure, they had a tank who was new to the fight and new to tanking in general. And my friend was basically being carried to farm up some gear. But… some of their choices were… interesting. Then again, there were also some derpy pugs in there who had zero idea of what was going on, so I didn’t hold it against the raid group altogether.

My friend ended up getting some gear and since their guild liked me, they brought me along to HFC. That was an… interesting experience. The first boss is a joke and barely counts as an AoE loot pinata. Even then, they managed to derp on some of the fights. The second one… we actually managed to wipe a few times because people marinaded themselves in fire or stood in front of (or under) the boss when it was simple to get out of the way. And the third boss… I’d… prefer not to think of that one at all.

Another raid night, another time of me being dragged along. Fourth boss, and… oh good gods. It’s a really good thing that I have a decent amount of gold saved up for repairs, and that I stopped caring about raiding. The Council fight was miserable. Half of the people refused to move away from mechanics that would kill them, and the other half of the time, the healers couldn’t keep up with people standing in shit, the tanks being special ballerina snowflakes with their positioning (instead of kiting the boss to drop their stacks, or use personal CDs, they made the entire raid run all the way across the room) and the standard damage… so people would die.

We hit enrage on that fight more times than I care to remember, all because half the DPS was floor-tanking after the first phase. We don’t end up downing it on the second raid night of the week, and so we go back in again the next lockout. First boss, fine. Second boss, fine enough even though a bunch of people are dead (again). Third boss, several other wipes to the point that they ask the melee to run all the way out and cover the job that two of the ranged constantly prove themselves unable to perform. Even then, we wipe several times. Get back to the fourth boss, and yet again, it’s a clusterfuck of people having no damned idea of what they’re doing.

We EVENTUALLY down the boss, after the special-snowflake-tank suggests an idea that I brought up the previous week on the third wipe, and after changing the entire set-up around to allow him to stand still and not pop his CDs and still manage to stay alive. Woo. Astounding victory, go us. Moving along to the next boss, and it’s just as much of a miserable clusterfuck.

The main breakdown of what I can’t stand about the group, despite really wanting to help my friend:

  • They ask for anyone they pug to have their gear in order and enchanted, along with using flasks and runes. However, they’ll take their guildies who are undergeared to the point of not being able to queue for LFR.
  • They have too many “leaders” all with different ideas, which are usually clashing with one another, and trying to call different things at different times.
  • There is little understanding of the fights by some of those leaders, and zero research done by the bulk of the raid on the mechanics and their personal roles.
  • No situational awareness, to the point that someone was bragging about it.
  • Regardless of how badly things go, they will never drop their undergeared DPS guildies who die within the first minute of the fight, and would rather wipe all night with them in the group than have them sit, fix their shit, and come back when they’re able to contribute.

My personal philosophy is that, if I’m specifically carrying someone, I’d better get paid for it. Since I can’t get any gear from the bosses we keep wiping on, and there’s no hope whatsoever on moving beyond them, I’m very rapidly approaching the point where I’m no longer going to be available for their group. Sure, they offered me an honorary raid spot on their team. But when they can’t even fill their own damned raids until an hour after start time, and once in the instance it becomes a carnival of horrible mistakes? Yeah, I’ll pass on that. I might be a bit pretentious, but that style of raiding to me is not fun, by any means.

Luckily, the new season in Diablo starts today.

-Bane Falcon

Evil breeds in the guts of the lazy.”


Today I woke up, started getting ready for work, and sat down at my computer while grumbling about having to go in early. Got comfortable and checked up on if the new Diablo patch went live, and it did, then complained mentally even more… until finally checking my schedule and noticing the later start time today! So, huzzah, I’m writing this while dead on the ground in LFR. Someone pulled extra trash mobs and brought them into the room while the tank blitzed right for the boss.

Regardless, there was apparently something thrown into the game that I might’ve noticed briefly, but never bothered paying attention to… and that’s the option to queue for multiple LFR wings at the same time. Sitting at my computer at 11am, and not having to be at work ’til 1:45, you bet I queued up for three wings at the same time in hopes of getting at least one to proc. Had a false start on one of ’em, and this one isn’t beginning on the best of notes, but… hey, it’s something. And even if I get one wing done before work, it’s one less I have to do later.

Now, I would have loved to sit down and start in on the new Diablo content, working towards Kanai’s Cube on my no-longer-seasonal characters to clear out some banks, but that’s something I want to savor. I want to kick back, enjoy the story, catch the mechanics, and then farm up every damned piece I need in order to get it going in one sitting. So instead, I’ll settle on some mindless LFR nonsense.

My warrior, since I’ve gone casual, has been getting all of his legendary stuff via LFR. I’m currently sitting on 29/33 tomes. At bare minimum, if I get one tome per wing, I’ll have this thing done today. I’m hoping to have it done WITHOUT sinking that much time into this… fun, exciting experience… but even if that’s not the case, I’m just hoping to get it done this week before going into Archimonde.

Well, looks like the fight’s wrapping up, or that the people are gonna die soon. One way or another, time to pretend like I care about the raid group and see about finishing this quickly and hoping to squeeze in another run before work. Tomorrow, Diablo and more LFR adventures!

-Bane Falcon

The belly is the best clock there is.

Sometimes, there’s the mysterious conflux of events, where everything aligns. When Soon becomes Soon becomes Release Date becomes Next Week. When it’s for a single game, or beer, or movie, it’s kinda awesome when it’s right around the corner. When it’s for BlizzCon, it’s a frazzling event, where you’re losing sleep because you can’t wait, and you’re losing sleep because you’re not ready. All the hype.

Then there’s the times when the releases all align with one another. For example, the next week. We get the new Hearthstone patch on the 24th, which I was dumb enough to drop $50 in order to get the card back. We have 2.3.0 in Diablo, and the new season starting on the 28th. And then we get flying in Draenor in WoW. Oh, and they just added another new hero in Heroes of the Storm.

It’s so much awesome hitting the fan in such a short period of time, I don’t know what to do.

….okay, that’s an exaggeration. I know exactly what I’m doing. Cracking the Hearthstone packs, derping around when I’m completely bored in WoW and waiting on queue timers for Timewalking Dungeons to work on archaeology since I can fly, and sinking all other waking, non-working hours into Season 4 Hardcore Monk, most likely named Furiosa.

If I wasn’t about to finish LFR on my warrior for my legendary, and didn’t get the last daily boss mount yesterday, I’d be a bit more frustrated. And hells, I have a casual raid team trying to softly recruit me, but when we spend 3 hours and get 3 normal bosses down… Sorry, I may have gone casual, but I’m still too much of a heroic/mythic player to just accept all of that. So it’s a good thing that WoW is holding lesser interest for me.

But what if I wasn’t at that point? What if I still had alts I cared about? And was more avid a player of Hearthstone? And still wanted to go deep into Season 4 once it started? It would be an interesting time. It would be a hell of a mental shuffle.

Oh well, glad I don’t have to deal with most of that!!

-Bane Falcon

You can’t milk a stone for water, but you can crush a goblins head with one fist.” (A saying that states never try to do the impossible and that killing goblins is always possible.)

With my current work schedule (aka my almost permanent work schedule) I find myself unable to make my guild’s raid times at the moment. Usually because the guild runs start at about the time I’d be taking my lunch, and end when I’d get home. That’s a minor issue with both my guild and myself going casual. The days off I have were for our old progression run, but since each thing the guild is doing is one-day stuff, it doesn’t quite mesh. I still love it here, and have zero intention on leaving.

That brings up the fun and interesting dilemma of wanting to get some gear and see the content, but not wanting to tie myself down to a single group. Thus, the much-dreaded pugging.

For those who haven’t been around much lately, there’s this awesome new revamp to the LFG system. You can search for different raids or instances, check to see how many bosses they have down, and how many tanks/heals/DPS they already have in the party. And for listing, you can set the name, the item level minimum you want, and a note describing the plans for the run. Those make finding raids a hell of a lot easier than simply lounging in trade chat and spamming a LFG message.

I’ve been trying to pug into a Blackhand only kill for the past few weeks, and every group is always a few bosses before, and falls apart before they get there… or cuts down on the “Low DPS” and only keeps the people who no longer need gear from him. All I want is to get The Black Hand for transmog (and a little bit of a sidegrade)!! Well, can’t win ’em all, and I don’t feel like trying to run a raid of it myself.

As for current content, I’ve somehow managed to get myself an open invite to a casual raid team. I think they’re only 4 or 5 bosses into Normal at the moment (and apparently are going to do the first boss on heroic tonight), but it’s something. And running with them means a wing of LFR I don’t have to subjugate myself to suffering through. So.. it works. If I don’t want to raid that night? I don’t have to. I’m just the pug.

Another awesome part of the recent LFG system… world bosses and champions. There’s 4 daily mobs in Tanaan Jungle that give either a chance at either a rep token or a mount, and 100 oil per kill. But waiting on each respawn on its own is… kind of a severe pain. Thus, searching in the custom groups tool is your friend. Jump into a raid cross-server where the boss is up, hope that it’s actually STILL up and that someone didn’t forget to delist their group, hit the boss a couple times, and what would take an hour per boss if you’re lucky, becomes maybe an hour for all 4.

…and so far, as I’ve been typing this, I’ve gotten into two different groups for Vengeance, where the boss either hasn’t spawned yet or was already dead and still listed. REGARDLESS!! The system works, and allows for some beneficial pugging.

Blizzard is making it rather easy for players who don’t have set teams or groups to still experience the content and world, and that’s something I never needed before… but I’m taking full advantage of it now. And who knows, I might end up in one of your groups some day!

-Bane Falcon
Does he seem chalky to you?”(pale, disheveled, nervous)

One of the things I keep harping on is the community of Blizzard games. There’s a reason that I’ve been playing them so long, and why I enjoy the company. Part of it is because of all the people I’ve met with a shared interest in the games, but diversified opinions on what faction want to play, or which deck is better, or what class they feel like rolling next. But the people wouldn’t all be there, or at least not in the same way, if the company were to stick to each universe being completely separate.

There’s just something about the bleed-through of the different games that I love and enjoy. Now, some are the tiny easter eggs, like Kerrigan from Brood War being in the console on a shredder in WoW, or the Horde logo on a wall in an Overwatch trailer, or re-used lines by the same voice actor playing different characters in Diablo and StarCraft. But I also love the more blatant ones. Thunderfury and Ashbringer in Diablo. Lost Vikings in Uldaman. Collectors edition pets from the other games available in WoW. And that’s just the ones I can come up with, off the top of my head.

Sure, part of it is branding and intentional and sales. Get people to preorder X game that they might not play, get some cool stuff in Y game that they do play. Level up to a certain amount in that one, get snazzy things in these other two. But to be honest, I love that. I love that Blizzard is intentionally trying to get their players to dabble into other genres, and expand their gaming experience. Hells, speaking for myself, it goes a long way for my longevity of a Blizzard fan. At the moment, I’m fine with being casual in WoW… but good gods, I’m counting down the days ’til the 28th, when I can roll my new Hardcore Seasonal character in Diablo.

The bleedthrough element also goes a long way within one of their more recent flagship games, Heroes of the Storm. Sure, it was based off of Defense of the Ancients (DotA), the custom Warcraft 3 map, but those were all still Warcraft sprites and some interesting character ideas. With Heroes of the Storm, you get everything. Diablo, Warcraft, StarCraft, even classic Blizzard game characters, all duking it out with and against one another. The flavor alone is one of the reasons why I love playing Heroes.

Their most recent step is even more impressive… Instead of simply getting some cosmetic reward, like a mount or pet or flag emblem, Diablo and Heroes of the Storm are having a crossover that gives you a character to play. Sure, you could save up the gold and buy it yourself, but for someone like me who never picked up Diablo in Heroes, but played Diablo III quite a bit, it’s an awesome little perk just for dabbling in different games. And you still get a shiny portrait and banner in Diablo for being a certain level in Heroes during next season. Oh, and a mount in Heroes for reaching max level in next season of Diablo. They had a similar event across Hearthstone, WoW, and Heroes a little while back, giving you a pet in WoW, a mount in Heroes, and a card back in Hearthstone.

Okay, that part is kinda getting away from me, but basically, if you play a Blizzard game, chances are, they’ll give you some free shit to play their OTHER games, too. And even if I’m horrible at some of them (StarCraft, Heroes, I’m looking at you) that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy them… or enjoy some shiny rewards for dipping my toe in the water. That’s even more incentive to play around (giggity), and with battlenet and realID, you can play around with your friends, too (giggity goo).

All I know is, I hope that they continue with these ideas, and keep giving people incentive to cross the boundaries to get free prizes and special stuff, just because they want you to feel awesome for playing.

-Bane Falcon
“Dragons never bother the Dwarves. They just want to compare hoards.” (the dwarves are not resentful of the wealthy)

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently went casual in WoW, after a couple years of mythic/heroic progression runs. Would I like to jump back in and see the rest of the content? Sure. And I kinda miss having a team and the gear and everything. But this recent change has allowed me to try out something completely new to me.

I get to be the filthy casual. I get to be the guy who queues up into LFR and immediately pushes play on another episode of something on Netflix. Oh, I’m cooking? Well, I can AFK on trash. Tab out and check facebook. It’s a bit liberating to not give a damn about what I’m doing, and simply going along for the ride as I finish the places for the legendary parts.

Sure, sometimes I feel a little bad about phoning it in, about giving it almost no effort whatsoever… but then we wipe on a super easy boss, or we have a tank AFK, or half the group starts trolling the other half. So I could either get myself bent out of shape over it, become vocal, and start calling for everyone to get along… or I could shrug it off and take it as seriously as the rest of the people in there… aka, not at all.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

-Bane Falcon
“Eat the mushrooms, but know their names.” (Know what you are getting into.)

Siege of Orgrimmar finally wrapped up, and the hypetrain for Warlords of Draenor was going full speed. The new character models looked badass, the info on the orc leaders were cool, and they managed to make time-travel and alternate reality not seem completely lame or half-assed. My guild was pretty excited about it. We had people setting up leveling teams, making sure to figure out whatever cool stuff to hit along the way, and either speed-leveling routes or ways to clear each zone efficiently.

Eh, the launch maybe had a few minor issues. Like me not being able to log in for the bulk of the first 3 days. Or the different progression lines in the starter zones with everyone stacking on one clickable item. Or that my internet was so damned screwy, I was tethering off of my phone for half of our progression on Heroic (and then Mythic when they changed it over) Garrosh, and still had to tether to play during WoD launch.

Well, those sorted themselves out rather quickly. Fixes and patches went out, garrisons were established, people got to 100 and started gearing up. At first, things were fine and dandy. A couple people didn’t blitz to level in the expansion, some others dropped entirely or just played it casual. But the biggest issue was getting and keeping the roster for 2 separate 20-man Mythic runs.

The team I was in before was a 10-man Heroic, and the main run went from a 10-man heroic to 25-man to try to boost the roster a bit. By which I mean the main run had roughly 35 people, and our 10-man bounced between 13-17 to make sure each raid had enough to cover class-switches for fights, and IRL issues preventing people from raiding. Then they made Mythic the standard. A core 20 people, one raid size, easier to balance. The main run had to shed some people, and we had to combine with another raid group from our guild and hope we could line up the schedule well enough for people to show.

The Mythic groups were fine enough in High Maul. I switched back to my Warrior during the first bit of the expansion, both to give Gladiator a shot, as well as enjoying my warrior and wanting to get him geared up. After a while, however… it was either my DPS, my gear, or just my playstyle, but something wasn’t quite adding up, and I went back to my hunter. We kept raiding Blackrock Foundry when it came out, and even started working on Mythic bosses in there. The main run started to get even more attrition and ended up going casual. A few weeks after that, so did we.

We loved raiding together, sure. But the overhead required to have two Mythic 20 man guilds, instead of one 25 and one 10, was a pain. The tuning was also incredibly tight, and requiring 20 people meant that not a single one could afford to make a mistake. Now we have a one night a week Sunday run in Heroic, and I usually stick to LFR or occasionally pugging a flex run now and then. The game is still fun and enjoyable, but… eh. I don’t feel the need to be hardcore about it, at the moment. It allows me to play D&D with my friends, or just hang out and grab a beer, or to play any other game that’s catching my eye.

Sure, I miss having my uber awesome badass raid group… but sometimes, taking it easy is just what is needed. And the new Diablo season is right around the corner.

-Bane Falcon

“Ten seconds more…(and I will smash ye into nothingness!)” A popular quote attributed to a legendary dwarven warrior. Now used euphemistically, “ten seconds more” implying, I’m losing my patience, and you are about to feel my wrath. Good tip to back off, if you ever hear a dwarf say that to you in the tavern one night.

Late post yesterday, early post today…

After dropping everything I helped build, I turned around and joined something else altogether. And… good gods. It was structured, it was thought-out. I enjoyed it. However, they had a couple rules, one of which was no trolling allowed. Not just within the guild itself, but no trade trolling. This was the hardest thing for me to accept, since I was most definitely known as a troll on our server. But I agree, and joined up. I stopped responding in trade, to the point of contemplating leaving /2 altogether.

Didn’t much help that I almost got kicked in the first couple weeks for snapping at the guild leader for calling me out on getting killed by a simple mechanic that I didn’t understand. Yeah, it wasn’t my brightest moment. He barked, I snapped back, everyone went quiet, and I had a nice talking to afterwards. I got over my ego, settled in, and accepted the team mindset, and quickly became one of their team players.

They had apparently known about me for a while, and were slightly unsure of bringing me on board because of my two-part reputation. Put me in a raid, and if I know the mechanics, I’ll go to bat and be the mechanics bitch through and through. However, put me in trade chat, and I’m likely to make someone pissed off or cry. And it wasn’t even that vague… the co-GM had a close friend. Her close friend got into one of my BH runs. Her close friend didn’t stack with the giant explodey debuff, and instead stood off to the side. Her close friend got herself killed, and took out two healers in the process. So when loot dropped that only her close friend could use, as per my loot rules, she died to doing something dumb. I sharded the piece of gear instead of letting her use it, because I wasn’t going to reward someone who died right out the gates and got others killed with their actions…

…the leadership in my new guild RESPECTED that mindset. And even told the friend that it’s the behavior you should expect in a progression guild. I just had to tone down my egotism and attitude along the way, which I did. I filled in with two of their raid teams in Throne of Thunder, then the guild transferred servers and factions for Siege of Orgrimmar. I lacked the cash to drop for a server/faction transfer, so I leveled a hunter instead. They said they wanted more ranged instead of melee, and I liked it there, so I chipped in and helped. It’s both a good thing and a bad thing that I did.

Good, because they needed me. Bad, because they needed me… to do every damned mechanic. I didn’t have the previous raid tier’s gear, nor the experience, so I was getting benched in the main run for progression. But since I soaked up off-spec pieces, they suggested I went to the late night 10-man run instead. I rolled in there and started rocking the meters. Even if I wasn’t topping the DPS charts, I would be taking the lowest damage at times, or had the most interrupts, or whatever niche thing they needed, I was on it. For gods’ sakes, I was a rogue, but ranged. I could do anything, then deterrence+feign out of it.

So Team Lights Out rocked out with our group, pulling a couple old faces into it, and eventually shaving off  some dead weight that was holding us back. We trimmed the team up to be a lean, mean, Heroic boss battling machine. And then we got to fuckin’ Blackhand.

For those who don’t know… there’s 2 ways to do the fight. One is to have a hunter or two on the belt and make the side mechanic a completely trivial joke. The other way is the wrong way. So I was voluntold that I’d be doing belt duty. I argued, and still had to do it. I tried to learn, and failed, hard, several times. But eventually, I got it, kept it, and rocked it out. To the point that I was acing the belt so well, they forgot I was over there during the next few weeks of boss progression.

Fast Forward through other boss fights, other fun battles of figuring out the who-can-do-what, who-is-useless, and a couple other drama events causing roster rearrangements, and we eventually managed to down H Garrosh before the next patch. And the first time we killed the bastard, after several weeks of sub-3% wipes? They use loot council (well, they always use loot council) to see who got the mount. Based on seniority in the group, attendance, team spirit/performance… and finally, the fact that their learning of the pain-in-the-ass mechanic on Blackfuse was 75% faster than any other person in the guild… guess who got the first mount in our run? Yours truly.

And you bet your ass I still use that mechanical Iron Juggernaut scorpion looking mount to this day.

-Bane Falcon
“Schist!” (a poor, flaky mineral—the equivalent of saying S**t!)

Huzzah for getting home in time to make this post today! It’s still the 8th for another 97 minutes, so I’m okay enough in that regard… >__>
Also, this is a brief side-tangent in the overall story I’ve been giving. The behind the scenes crap, and why Blizzard means so much to me.

So, I was brought into playing WoW with the roommates I was living with, in a house that was owned by one friend’s family. Our housing situation was… screwy. Not to go into too many details, but we were living there for free while some wheeling and dealing happened between two banks and some lawyers. Eventually it got cleared up, and our living situation evaporated when the friend’s family decided to move back into the now forclosureless house. Evicted, right around thanksgiving, and I believe a week before my mom’s birthday.

So I called her up, wished her well, and said I had to move back home. THAT was a great conversation…

Well, when I was living there, I was working part-time as a delivery driver at a chinese restaurant, using one of my friend’s cars. Kinda hard to drive deliveries after you no longer have access to a vehicle. Moved on to taking the bus for a 4-hour shift at the restaurant’s sister location, putting flyers on cars and waving a sign. Eventually, that fell through as well. So with no transportation outside of the bus, and a hodgepodge of experience, I tried applying anywhere and everywhere to get something going. Too many gaps in history, too many places, whatever reasons… never got one.

Through all of this, I was still raiding. My raid leaders, Cinn and Osh, were living in California, whereas I was in Florida. They kept telling me for years to swing out to SoCal. They just bought a house, they had an extra room, and they knew I could find work easier there than in a market that was still reeling from the housing bubble bursting. I kept telling them I’d think it over, I’d see how things go, etc.

Well, after not having gainful employment while living with my parents (again) with one sister moving back in (again) and my little brother leaving for college, they told me that they were moving to the next town over, to live in an apartment closer to their works for cheaper… and I wasn’t coming with.

It might be viewed as a harsh move, but it was necessary. It lit a fire under my ass like nothing else could. I didn’t even bother trying to hit up my friends in the area… Half of them were still living with their own parents, and the other half just moved BACK to living with their parents after the GamerHouse went under. The remaining few were those I didn’t know too well, but we were all deadbeats spending all day at the comic shop or plugged into our PCs.

So I dropped everything, packed up a couple boxes worth of my stuff, mailed my computer out, and took a 3 1/2 day Greyhound ride from SW Florida to Southern California, to live with a couple people I’ve never met. But I knew Cinn and Osh. We raided together for half the week for the better part of… 3 years? Helped form a guild together. Kicked around in vent and doing other random stuff on the sides. They made an offer, I swallowed a bit of my pride and asked them for help.

That was summer of 2012, and about 2 weeks before my birthday. After moving out here, I found a job in about a month that was specifically looking for someone with my hodgepodge retail experience, I lost 100 lbs, built my own computer, moved out on my own, made full-time at work, and discovered a delicious and expensive hobby of craft beer.

I am in control of my own life, my own funds, my own location. Almost like I’m a real boy, or something!! It never would have happened if it weren’t for my parents telling me I wasn’t coming along when they moved. It never would have happened if it weren’t for two strangers offering a guest room in exchange for some piddly amount of rent.

It never would have happened if it weren’t for World of Warcraft.

I can honestly say that WoW has permanently changed my life, introducing me to some of the coolest people I know, as well as giving me opportunities that I never would have had otherwise. How many people can honestly say that WoW got them out of living with their parents, made them lose weight, and got them into a position to have a full-time job?

This community is something in which I take a deep amount of pride. The way we can come together with the energy of BlizzCon, or having people from across several countries working towards downing a boss… or something as simple as giving a bed in hopes of turning a friend’s life around…

This is why I’m a Blizzard fan. And nothing will ever take that from me.

-Bane Falcon
“Never turn down an ale, who knows if it may be your last.”

So, bit of insomnia and somewhat boredom, thus today’s entry is now and not after-I-wake-up-too-damned-early-to-catch-the-expansion-announcement-stream.

After we killed Arthas, we started in on heroics. Solidified the roster a bit, got some fresh blood into the guild, even contemplated a 25-man, almost. But due to the different loot tables in ICC, I couldn’t fully get the pieces I needed without getting into a 25. So I pulled double duty on my warrior, being a heavy-hitting DPS in the 10-man guild run, and actually joining a miserable cesspool of a guild for 25H clears.

They were the biggest trolls and assholes on the server, the giant egos and the blatant abuse that came with them knowing they were the big fish in the small pond. By this point, the “big names” on our server had either disbanded or transferred off, leaving some skilled players behind that either never got in with them, or were happy where they were at. The 25H guild basically grabbed those players up and burned through them like they were disposable. Bring ’em in for the runs, either keep ’em or drop ’em as they saw fit.

The raid leader was the single most abusive, offensive, degrading, power-hungry troll that I’ve ever encountered. It was a trial of sorts simply to be in the raid, in Vent, and even the guild with him. Speak up about something like a bad joke, or being targeted verbally, or defending yourself for why a mechanic killed you, you were prone to getting /gkicked. I got a couple pieces of gear I needed, but more importantly, I became aware of what to avoid as a guild or raid leader.

All that aside, once they merged 10 and 25 lockouts on heroic, I went back to my main guild. We didn’t manage to down Lich King 10 Heroic, but we got some pulls in on him. We took a break, relaxed, and kept on going when Cata hit. Strong start, blitzed through a bunch of the normals, worked on heroics. I ended up in some financial crap during the expansion, and ended up living with my parents again and having my account lapse for a bit. Kinda sucked because part of the outage was during the Brawler’s Guild, and I was trying to gear my rogue up during Firelands so I could switch to it for the legendaries in Dragon Soul. Got it all sorted out and through Dragon Soul we went. By this point, our roster was pretty shiny, but mostly because the other successful guilds were falling apart. We kept getting new raiders, but we kept having others leave the game or the server as well.

Two other awesome things happened during that long-ass end tier. It was the first time my guild full-cleared every boss in every raid on every difficulty, including going back for Heroic Rag and Sinestra, as well as H Deathwing. And I got my legendary daggers before any other 10-man run, yay. Well, because we were doubling back and making our lists all squeaky-clean, we didn’t end up taking a break. We raided from the start of the expansion all the way through, killing Sinestra and Ragnaros one last time the week before Mists of Pandaria hit.

Aaaand that probably wasn’t the best of ideas. TUNE IN NEXT TIME FOR MORE SHENANIGANS!!

-Bane Falcon
“Never turn down an ale, who knows if it may be your last.”