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Today I woke up, started getting ready for work, and sat down at my computer while grumbling about having to go in early. Got comfortable and checked up on if the new Diablo patch went live, and it did, then complained mentally even more… until finally checking my schedule and noticing the later start time today! So, huzzah, I’m writing this while dead on the ground in LFR. Someone pulled extra trash mobs and brought them into the room while the tank blitzed right for the boss.

Regardless, there was apparently something thrown into the game that I might’ve noticed briefly, but never bothered paying attention to… and that’s the option to queue for multiple LFR wings at the same time. Sitting at my computer at 11am, and not having to be at work ’til 1:45, you bet I queued up for three wings at the same time in hopes of getting at least one to proc. Had a false start on one of ’em, and this one isn’t beginning on the best of notes, but… hey, it’s something. And even if I get one wing done before work, it’s one less I have to do later.

Now, I would have loved to sit down and start in on the new Diablo content, working towards Kanai’s Cube on my no-longer-seasonal characters to clear out some banks, but that’s something I want to savor. I want to kick back, enjoy the story, catch the mechanics, and then farm up every damned piece I need in order to get it going in one sitting. So instead, I’ll settle on some mindless LFR nonsense.

My warrior, since I’ve gone casual, has been getting all of his legendary stuff via LFR. I’m currently sitting on 29/33 tomes. At bare minimum, if I get one tome per wing, I’ll have this thing done today. I’m hoping to have it done WITHOUT sinking that much time into this… fun, exciting experience… but even if that’s not the case, I’m just hoping to get it done this week before going into Archimonde.

Well, looks like the fight’s wrapping up, or that the people are gonna die soon. One way or another, time to pretend like I care about the raid group and see about finishing this quickly and hoping to squeeze in another run before work. Tomorrow, Diablo and more LFR adventures!

-Bane Falcon

The belly is the best clock there is.


As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently went casual in WoW, after a couple years of mythic/heroic progression runs. Would I like to jump back in and see the rest of the content? Sure. And I kinda miss having a team and the gear and everything. But this recent change has allowed me to try out something completely new to me.

I get to be the filthy casual. I get to be the guy who queues up into LFR and immediately pushes play on another episode of something on Netflix. Oh, I’m cooking? Well, I can AFK on trash. Tab out and check facebook. It’s a bit liberating to not give a damn about what I’m doing, and simply going along for the ride as I finish the places for the legendary parts.

Sure, sometimes I feel a little bad about phoning it in, about giving it almost no effort whatsoever… but then we wipe on a super easy boss, or we have a tank AFK, or half the group starts trolling the other half. So I could either get myself bent out of shape over it, become vocal, and start calling for everyone to get along… or I could shrug it off and take it as seriously as the rest of the people in there… aka, not at all.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

-Bane Falcon
“Eat the mushrooms, but know their names.” (Know what you are getting into.)