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Finally got done with a successful session of D&D, and got back home at about 4 in the morning. Sure, my alarms are gonna go off for work in about 5 hours. Yeah, I’m gonna be clocked in within 8 hours. Oh wells, what a shame. I’m not the least bit tired (okay, maybe a liiittle tired)… so how else to pass the time than to get some decent blog action in while knocking out some dailies via the tavern brawl?

As I mentioned in the last post, the current brawl is the Encounter at the Crossroads, where each deck is made with 15 class cards and 15 neutral ones. It’s… okay, as far as the brawls go. It’s just about as RNG as you can make any of the brawls. Every deck, every time, is completely different, so good luck trying to mulligan or fish for something decent. Or complete any spell-related quests, since the majority of the deck is gonna be class creatures and neutral ones.

It makes for some interesting scenarios, however. Think you’ve got a pretty set board? Well, they might be chock full of stalls then a board wipe. Or you might just be able to keep swapping until top-decking something completely absurd. Or, in my case… every single thing you draw is immediately answered by them and then some, the next turn. Every match is completely different, and the odds can go either way.

All in all, I pretty much can’t stand this one. I prefer the boss vs boss ones, or the weird constructed rules where you spit out minions with spells or deathrattle into random other ones. Too much RNG, however equalizing it might be, tends to just rub me the wrong way.

Here’s hoping the next one is something more my speed.

-Bane Falcon

Never answer a question when you’re dreaming.” (implying superstitious fear of witchcraft)


Today has been a rather productive day. Woke up on time, got my grocery shopping done early, got home… and decided to scrub and clean every inch of my house. Not too shabby, it was something that needed to get done. Well, upon finally organizing everything, I decided to hang all of my movie and gaming posters.

wooo posters

wooo posters

Throw in a couple rounds of Hearthstone with the random deck brawl again and three somewhat easy dailies (Spectate for a pack, 100 hero damage, and 40 spells) and that brings me towards the evening. I’m a full-fledged nerd, and my D&D group is meeting up today. Hokay, one of the guys isn’t out of work ’til 11pm, so I can finally sit down, enjoy my food, and relax while trying to unlock Kanai’s Cube in Diablo.

Or I would, if it weren’t for my friend messaging me and informing me that he’s picking me up in about 20 minutes to head over there early so he can figure out his leveling.

So now I’m scarfing down my food, still have to wash up after scrubbing everything, and can’t knock out my quests. But hey, for all of that, I still got a hell of a lot done today. For tonight? Well, I’m choosing between a new feat or stat points, and then we’re gonna go on a side quest… the best kind!

TOMORROW I might finally get around to playing some Diablo and rambling about my history with it. And if not, well… I’ll find something to ramble about.


-Bane Falcon
There are no Dwarven ruins.” (you may find cities abandoned, but dwarven architecture and masonry is too superb for ruins.)

Like every other somewhat casual Blizzard fan, I play Hearthstone. However, I’ve been rocking it since the beta, and was hoping it would be closer to the WoW TCG made by Cryptozoic. Instead, it’s its own special animal. Buuut I’m a sucker for collecting things that won’t be available later, therefore they suckered me into buying the $50 pre-expansion packs for…

It's liiiive!!

It’s liiiive!!

So with the 50 packs I have stored up, plus 1200g, I’m gonna crack ’em open and report my earnings on here.

First pack is standard, second is double rare. Meh, I’ll take it where I can. Getting a bit of the lag on the third and fourth, also standard packs. And woohoo, got the murloc knight to make my pally murloc deck! Couple packs later, Competitive Spirit and another Murloc Knight. Still no gold or epics, and just the one double ra- owait, nevermind.

Aight, first shiny pack. I'll take it.

Aight, first shiny pack. I’ll take it.

Huh, two packs later, and I get a triple rare pack. Not too shabby, so far. Another normal pack, then my first gold! Rare gold, hm… shammy totem aggro?

shiiiiny. And double rare!

shiiiiny. And double rare!

First duplicate rare, then another double rare pack… with a duplicate rare. And another Murloc Knight. Then a duplicate in the next pack. THe one after, I got a golden bear trap! I’ll enjoy that one. Aaand then this one happened…

Double epix!

Double epix!

Yeah, that one’s kinda cool. Let’s keep going! Epic no rare, epic double rare! Yeah, mkay, still going good.

Admire his cleavage!

Admire his cleavage!

...hokay, going stronger.

…hokay, going stronger.

I’d be more impressed with that one if half the rares I pulled weren’t the Watchman. Normal pack, normal pack, normal pack, double ra– oh well played.

Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber!

Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber!

Double rare, rare + golden rare, still going strong. Little over halfway through the preorder packs. Standard pack again, and then…



Well now I can make the pirate deck to match my pirate card backs! Double Epic? Huzzah. Standard rare with yet another Mogor’s Champion (I think that makes four now? Maybe five?). Normal pack, rare+epic pack, standard with a golden common, standard, rare+epic, and… sure, this works too.

Golden Epic Frosty? Yus.

Golden Epic Frosty? Yus.

He’ll actually get some play. Handful of more standards, then another rare+epic with the magnataur, more normal packs, then my second legendary.

Oh yeah, and a gold rare.

Oh yeah, and a gold rare.

Base count for pre-order, 175 commons, 61 rares, 12 epics, 2 legendaries, with 9 gold cards. Now for the extra 12 I saved for. First two packs are double rares, then a rare+epic. A few more standard packs (one of whicn I’m sure was entirely duplicates over the limit), and another double rare. And the pack before the last one?

He might see some play, too.

He might see some play, too.

Final pack was 2 rares and an epic, putting the gold-bought packs at 41 commons, 26 rares, 2 epics, and 1 legendary.

GRAND TOTAL OF OPENING: 216 commons, 87 rares, 14 epics, and 3 legendaries.

Now let’s see how many after dust. 16 rares and 116 commons for 900, plus the 970 I had before going into this? Sweet, that’s another legendary.

I was writing up the bulk of all the other things I didn’t have yet, but it’s too specific of a list. On average, I’m simply missing 1 legendary and possibly both epics, or needing 1 more of each epic or an occasional rare, for each of the classes. The expansion just came out, and I already feel like I’m mostly done collecting it. Maybe next time, they can do a $20 or $30 instead of $50?

Now to actually play with this stuff.

-Bane Falcon
Can’t buy honor in the market.” (Obvious meaning; but also a sigh of some itinerant clanless dwarves that wish for a more proper life.)

Sometimes, there’s the mysterious conflux of events, where everything aligns. When Soon becomes Soon becomes Release Date becomes Next Week. When it’s for a single game, or beer, or movie, it’s kinda awesome when it’s right around the corner. When it’s for BlizzCon, it’s a frazzling event, where you’re losing sleep because you can’t wait, and you’re losing sleep because you’re not ready. All the hype.

Then there’s the times when the releases all align with one another. For example, the next week. We get the new Hearthstone patch on the 24th, which I was dumb enough to drop $50 in order to get the card back. We have 2.3.0 in Diablo, and the new season starting on the 28th. And then we get flying in Draenor in WoW. Oh, and they just added another new hero in Heroes of the Storm.

It’s so much awesome hitting the fan in such a short period of time, I don’t know what to do.

….okay, that’s an exaggeration. I know exactly what I’m doing. Cracking the Hearthstone packs, derping around when I’m completely bored in WoW and waiting on queue timers for Timewalking Dungeons to work on archaeology since I can fly, and sinking all other waking, non-working hours into Season 4 Hardcore Monk, most likely named Furiosa.

If I wasn’t about to finish LFR on my warrior for my legendary, and didn’t get the last daily boss mount yesterday, I’d be a bit more frustrated. And hells, I have a casual raid team trying to softly recruit me, but when we spend 3 hours and get 3 normal bosses down… Sorry, I may have gone casual, but I’m still too much of a heroic/mythic player to just accept all of that. So it’s a good thing that WoW is holding lesser interest for me.

But what if I wasn’t at that point? What if I still had alts I cared about? And was more avid a player of Hearthstone? And still wanted to go deep into Season 4 once it started? It would be an interesting time. It would be a hell of a mental shuffle.

Oh well, glad I don’t have to deal with most of that!!

-Bane Falcon

You can’t milk a stone for water, but you can crush a goblins head with one fist.” (A saying that states never try to do the impossible and that killing goblins is always possible.)

One of the things I keep harping on is the community of Blizzard games. There’s a reason that I’ve been playing them so long, and why I enjoy the company. Part of it is because of all the people I’ve met with a shared interest in the games, but diversified opinions on what faction want to play, or which deck is better, or what class they feel like rolling next. But the people wouldn’t all be there, or at least not in the same way, if the company were to stick to each universe being completely separate.

There’s just something about the bleed-through of the different games that I love and enjoy. Now, some are the tiny easter eggs, like Kerrigan from Brood War being in the console on a shredder in WoW, or the Horde logo on a wall in an Overwatch trailer, or re-used lines by the same voice actor playing different characters in Diablo and StarCraft. But I also love the more blatant ones. Thunderfury and Ashbringer in Diablo. Lost Vikings in Uldaman. Collectors edition pets from the other games available in WoW. And that’s just the ones I can come up with, off the top of my head.

Sure, part of it is branding and intentional and sales. Get people to preorder X game that they might not play, get some cool stuff in Y game that they do play. Level up to a certain amount in that one, get snazzy things in these other two. But to be honest, I love that. I love that Blizzard is intentionally trying to get their players to dabble into other genres, and expand their gaming experience. Hells, speaking for myself, it goes a long way for my longevity of a Blizzard fan. At the moment, I’m fine with being casual in WoW… but good gods, I’m counting down the days ’til the 28th, when I can roll my new Hardcore Seasonal character in Diablo.

The bleedthrough element also goes a long way within one of their more recent flagship games, Heroes of the Storm. Sure, it was based off of Defense of the Ancients (DotA), the custom Warcraft 3 map, but those were all still Warcraft sprites and some interesting character ideas. With Heroes of the Storm, you get everything. Diablo, Warcraft, StarCraft, even classic Blizzard game characters, all duking it out with and against one another. The flavor alone is one of the reasons why I love playing Heroes.

Their most recent step is even more impressive… Instead of simply getting some cosmetic reward, like a mount or pet or flag emblem, Diablo and Heroes of the Storm are having a crossover that gives you a character to play. Sure, you could save up the gold and buy it yourself, but for someone like me who never picked up Diablo in Heroes, but played Diablo III quite a bit, it’s an awesome little perk just for dabbling in different games. And you still get a shiny portrait and banner in Diablo for being a certain level in Heroes during next season. Oh, and a mount in Heroes for reaching max level in next season of Diablo. They had a similar event across Hearthstone, WoW, and Heroes a little while back, giving you a pet in WoW, a mount in Heroes, and a card back in Hearthstone.

Okay, that part is kinda getting away from me, but basically, if you play a Blizzard game, chances are, they’ll give you some free shit to play their OTHER games, too. And even if I’m horrible at some of them (StarCraft, Heroes, I’m looking at you) that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy them… or enjoy some shiny rewards for dipping my toe in the water. That’s even more incentive to play around (giggity), and with battlenet and realID, you can play around with your friends, too (giggity goo).

All I know is, I hope that they continue with these ideas, and keep giving people incentive to cross the boundaries to get free prizes and special stuff, just because they want you to feel awesome for playing.

-Bane Falcon
“Dragons never bother the Dwarves. They just want to compare hoards.” (the dwarves are not resentful of the wealthy)

Blaugust Day 12: Well Played

Posted: August 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

I remember back in… okay, maybe not quite remember, but I know back in either elementary or middle school, I was first introduced to Magic: the Gathering. Regardless, I started early. I know I lost a deck on a Saturday morning because I had it in the same pocket as a raw egg I brought as a payload for rocket club, and the egg cracked. Lost another to the wash. But it wasn’t until I moved down to Florida and started hanging out at my local card and comic shop that I really got into it.

I played Magic for many years, and picked up some other card games along the way. Versus System, and my blast of a team-up between Teen Titans and Avengers. DBZ card game with my Perfect Cell main villain deck, and as many side villains as you could throw at it. UFS, but that was mostly me building decks with other peoples’ cards, or using their decks in tournaments. And my personal favorite out of them all, the WoW TCG.

It had the resource base of M:tG, the targeted attack of VS, and the lore of Warcraft (even if I kept swearing at the time I’d never play WoW). It was the only card game I’ve ever run a tournament scene for a month straight, thanks to my Lil’ Debbie shaman deck. (Debros, Cousin to Moon was a 2-drop card, X/1, where X was the number of resources you had. And shaman had lots of ways to ready a creature costing 2 or less. Windfury combo go). Big surprise, DKs came out and were overbalanced and kicked the crap out of the scene after a while.

I played it from the initial expansion and Dark Portal, all the way up to the bitter end. Cryptozoic separated from making the Blizzard card game in order to look into making Hex, an online TCG, around the same time that Blizzard was working on Hearthstone. So they severed ties and both made their own online games.

Hearthstone is a rather amusing game to play. I enjoy the ability to pick up and go, and sometimes the simplicity is pretty good in its own right. I don’t play ranked that much (ie, don’t bother outside of trying for the card back), but that might be changing with their new ranked model. I’ve been playing it since beta, and still have a lot of cards to unlock and don’t have any classes at max level or gold.

The game is still fun for me, and if I know I’m going to lose, I stick to what I learned in other card games… if my deck no longer has any answers, or their board is too strong for a quick match, I’ll concede. Sometimes if it’s a janky combo deck, I’ll drop if my first hand because I’m only aiming for a 5 or higher minions win. The game doesn’t irritate me too often. Sometimes, the RNG might be frustrating, or getting the one wrong draw each time, or having some new deck I haven’t heard about completely stomp me. I might get frustrated, sure. Even the slow players don’t always drive me up the wall.

The biggest issue I have? The single-most infuriating thing? It’s getting the last laugh. The little snarky jab, to rub your face in the dirt after you’re down and defeated. Or the sarcastic snap when you drop after having two of the most incorrect opening hands as possible. Essentially, anything other than a legitimate close match, or a quirky exchange of plays and use of mechanics.

The two most hated words in combination in any Hearthstone match, to me?

“Well Played.”

-Bane Falcon
“We still hone the axe” (the full expression being, “We still hone the axe which slew your kin. Tis’ still sharp and ever-ready”) A warning the dwarves will use—we still hone the axe—to denote a second or third attack on goblins or orcs who didn’t learn their lessons the first time the dwarves attacked.