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Finally got done with a successful session of D&D, and got back home at about 4 in the morning. Sure, my alarms are gonna go off for work in about 5 hours. Yeah, I’m gonna be clocked in within 8 hours. Oh wells, what a shame. I’m not the least bit tired (okay, maybe a liiittle tired)… so how else to pass the time than to get some decent blog action in while knocking out some dailies via the tavern brawl?

As I mentioned in the last post, the current brawl is the Encounter at the Crossroads, where each deck is made with 15 class cards and 15 neutral ones. It’s… okay, as far as the brawls go. It’s just about as RNG as you can make any of the brawls. Every deck, every time, is completely different, so good luck trying to mulligan or fish for something decent. Or complete any spell-related quests, since the majority of the deck is gonna be class creatures and neutral ones.

It makes for some interesting scenarios, however. Think you’ve got a pretty set board? Well, they might be chock full of stalls then a board wipe. Or you might just be able to keep swapping until top-decking something completely absurd. Or, in my case… every single thing you draw is immediately answered by them and then some, the next turn. Every match is completely different, and the odds can go either way.

All in all, I pretty much can’t stand this one. I prefer the boss vs boss ones, or the weird constructed rules where you spit out minions with spells or deathrattle into random other ones. Too much RNG, however equalizing it might be, tends to just rub me the wrong way.

Here’s hoping the next one is something more my speed.

-Bane Falcon

Never answer a question when you’re dreaming.” (implying superstitious fear of witchcraft)


Today has been a rather productive day. Woke up on time, got my grocery shopping done early, got home… and decided to scrub and clean every inch of my house. Not too shabby, it was something that needed to get done. Well, upon finally organizing everything, I decided to hang all of my movie and gaming posters.

wooo posters

wooo posters

Throw in a couple rounds of Hearthstone with the random deck brawl again and three somewhat easy dailies (Spectate for a pack, 100 hero damage, and 40 spells) and that brings me towards the evening. I’m a full-fledged nerd, and my D&D group is meeting up today. Hokay, one of the guys isn’t out of work ’til 11pm, so I can finally sit down, enjoy my food, and relax while trying to unlock Kanai’s Cube in Diablo.

Or I would, if it weren’t for my friend messaging me and informing me that he’s picking me up in about 20 minutes to head over there early so he can figure out his leveling.

So now I’m scarfing down my food, still have to wash up after scrubbing everything, and can’t knock out my quests. But hey, for all of that, I still got a hell of a lot done today. For tonight? Well, I’m choosing between a new feat or stat points, and then we’re gonna go on a side quest… the best kind!

TOMORROW I might finally get around to playing some Diablo and rambling about my history with it. And if not, well… I’ll find something to ramble about.


-Bane Falcon
There are no Dwarven ruins.” (you may find cities abandoned, but dwarven architecture and masonry is too superb for ruins.)