Blaugus– owait, nevermind

Posted: September 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

So I’ve got a bit of downtime at the end of my shift. And since I’ve gotten into the habit of posting here daily for the past month, I kinda missed it a little bit. Blaugust is over, but I’m not done rambling at you guys yet. Sure, it’s not going far, and won’t be for any specific thing, but I plan to continue blogging a couple times a week, or when the mood strikes me. Removing the “challenge” only leaves the habit and the desire to keep rambling.

So, slightly more on topic of my last post… good gods, did I get some progress in with my Monk yesterday. Took her from paragon level 10 on Expert mode, all the way to Torment 2 and just shy of paragon 60. I got one of the one-handers I need for my eventual end-game set, but can’t get the other one to save my life. Still using a level 66 chest, and rare… er… bracers, neck, and… maybe hands? I don’t quite recall while away from my computer. But I hit my groove and went to town.

One of the main things I’m really missing (aside from actually DEALING DAMAGE) is a good legendary gem. So far, I got the Cold gem, the one from Greed that gives you gold explosions, and the timed damage boost after killing an elite. None of those are the ones I need for my build, although I’m contemplating using the elite one for the time being. Doesn’t really help that much…

Well, just about time to cut out of work and play some D&D instead of Diablo, because shooting down my friends for personal video gaming time is apparently frowned upon. Catch ya guys on the flipside!

-Bane Falcon

“Only a fool tries to poison a dwarf. Our womans cooking could kill an Ogre, your poison is dressing to us.”


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