Blaugust Day 31: Ding

Posted: August 31, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Huzzah, got to 70 this morning on my hardcore seasonal monk! I’m only on Expert difficulty at the moment, but some of the gear things I’ve had drop were pretty decent. The first legendary I got was from Kadala, and they’re those pants that fart out an AoE to kill things around you. It works perfectly with the overall build I have as a holdover for actual stuff. Now that I’m max level, however, the battle has barely begun. Gotta get moar gear, finish up the chapter by killing the key wardens and other bosses on Torment, and random other shenanigans. I’m looking forward to it.

And since I finally have the time, I’m gonna ramble on a bit about my experience with Diablo in the past. I started out with the first game, and still don’t remember when or how I got it. Much the same as other Blizzard games I had, I think they more or less just appeared in my possession, or were lent to me by a friend (back when you could still loan out a video game). The Hellfire expansion was cool, but all I really remember was blowing countless scrolls and trying to set an entire map on fire with a cleric, to make the skeletons run through layers and layers of flame just to get to me.

Diablo 2 is where I sunk a lot of hours. My friends and I dusted it off from time to time, and almost always used the increase player level command to give more difficulty and chance at loot. I never really bothered with the Amazon or Paladin, might’ve done Assassin and Sorcerer once or twice… but good gods, did I love rolling a barbarian and beatstick, or a bone army Necromancer, or a shifter druid. I loved tweaking different barbarian builds to just smash things forever and get more potions and gold and practically perma-running. Or doing some absurd druid combo form thing, or roll out with every damned possible pet as a Necro.

One of the things I miss the most from Diablo 2 to 3 is the skill tree synergy, where X ranks of that skill would increase the effectiveness of Y. It helped change things up, by getting you to pick different abilities that you might have otherwise overlooked, because you wanted those next couple percentages or some more bodies. Sure, the new modular system works rather well, especially for changing on the go, but it isn’t quite the same feel of sinking points into something and seeing the results. Eh, I guess paragon levels are kinda close to it.

When Diablo 3 came out, I was really on the fence about getting it (and also pretty broke at the time). I didn’t play the beta, and didn’t really think the game would be that good, especially after seeing the changes between 2 and 3. One of my friends had both the pre-order for the game, as well as the WoW Annual Pass, which gave D3 for free, so he tossed me a copy for opening day. I was one of the many laughing at Error 37 and 1006 or whatever the other numbers were. But once we were in, we had a blast. I might’ve stayed up and blitzed to max level… I don’t quite remember.

The AH felt like a gimmick, and I used the ever-loving crap outta the damned thing. Once I found out how to truly search and dig for whatever things I wanted, I started to tweak out my character’s gear and get it nice and fine-tuned, while selling back the occasional item to cover the costs of whatever I spent. It ended up being to the point that I stopped playing the game to get gear for myself, and instead just tried to farm more gold so I could buy the upgrades. When they took it out, I was ecstatic. Good riddance, and that’s coming from someone who used the damned thing constantly.

Reaper of Souls came out, and more importantly, seasons. I decided that, if it’s some new ladder system with reset progress, then I might as well do something different. So my first character was a Hardcore Crusader. I don’t even know how many I lost due to herpderping into all the things (before Crusaders had the 30% melee survivability buff thing, if I recall correctly), but I loved it. Had a softcore one too, but bleh, doesn’t matter anymore. The second season, I was too busy with WoW, and ended up trying to blitz a hardcore Demon Hunter up during the final weekend. Lost her at… 65, after 15 hours of play. A couple levels away from max, and during the last leg of the whole thing. Pissed at myself, I ended up getting another one blitzed up using leftover gear and a bit of help.

Third season was where I really got into it… My Witch Doctor, ZergSwarm. Started it out knowing I wanted a massive pet build. And good gods, did I make one. Not liking the whole Carnevil thing going around, I instead started off with zombie dogs, the gargantuans (three, due to the ring), and the fetishes. At one point, including my character and follower, I was rolling out with 37 different friendlies on my screen. Regularly. Then I started getting more gear, and felt my damage slacking off, and REALLY started to farm. Ended up with a 6p Zunimassa’s build using fetishes and mana spender to basically just apply a damage taken debuff. Tore through everything. t6 was a *joke*. Eventually I got bored of hunting for a solid Starmetal Kukri, and went back into WoW again.

Now here we are, with me being a bit tired of casual play in WoW, and a new season in Diablo. Lost two monks before level 10, and now TooFuriosa is max level and ready to go. Playing hardcore, and trying to push for higher tiers of content, is all the thrill of Mythic raiding, without any of the hassle of trying to figure out schedules or worry about other people standing in shit and wiping us. No, it’s just me, my reflexes, and my own luck. Everyone plays games in their own ways, and my way for Diablo is solo, while testing my own limits. Can’t wait to see how far I get this time.

And speaking of going far… Today marks the 31st post in a row I’ve made. Blaugust challenge complete, coming from someone who never blogged before. Now that I’m done, I probably won’t do the daily thing anymore, but if I’ve got something worth posting or rambling about, I’ll keep ya guys in the loop.

-Bane Falcon

Good work praises itself.”

  1. tyrannodorkus says:

    Grats on getting through. I was never into Diablo, but I can see why there’s a lot of appeal in it for other gamers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • banefalcon says:

      It’s not for everyone. One of my close friends hates grindfests, and that’s pretty much what the game is, at higher levels. But I can enjoy a game for the mechanics and not need persistent story to keep me playing.

      Liked by 1 person

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