Blaugust Day 30: Evil Never Sleeps

Posted: August 30, 2015 in Uncategorized
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…and apparently, neither do I. Now that the new Diablo season is out, I’m more than willing (and hopefully able) to continue staying up ’til 3 AM, slaying the minions of hell. After getting home at a little before 10pm, I got myself nice and comfortable and completely lost myself in the game, yet again. And no, I’m totally not eating at the moment, because I forgot about food over the past few hours. Of course not…

Last night, I left off with my character right after she hit 42. Woke up, did another handful of bounties, got to 45 and finished up some other random stuff. Tonight was just waves and waves of bounties, plus the occasional rift once I cleared all 5 zones. At the moment, however, I have two MVPs to thank for my character’s progress, and for keeping my gameplay from steamrolling me and making me lose a level 62 monk.

First and foremost is Nagelring. Oh good gods, that Nagelring. Got my first one at 15 or so. To be honest? The stats don’t matter whatsoever. It’s the passive ability on it, that causes a little suicide bomber to spawn every 10-12 seconds and explode for 4000%-5000% WEAPON DAMAGE. These little bastards hit HARD. And I don’t care if it weakens the overall “feel” or “experience” or “challenge”… I love waiting for the max of 4 of them to spawn, then go into a boss fight and make it implode before the mechanics even start. When I was starting to get really concerned about the super low stats on the one I was using when I was close to 60… lo and behold, another one dropped. So that first one is likely gonna go into my cube, since my follower doesn’t get anything from it aside from spawning the little runts faster.

MVP runner-up? Kadala. That’s right, the disciple of RNGesus herself, and Gheed’s frustrated daughter or whatever the hell she is. This chick has never legitimately helped me with anything before. Sure, she sometimes gave me something that I could potentially maybe kinda-sorta use, but nothing jaw-dropping. Well, as I was grinding out more bounties (and right after hitting 61), I killed a blood goblin and went over my blood shard cap. Dreading the worst, I went back into town and decided to waste some on her. Who knows, maybe I’d get some weapon that wasn’t garbage, and of a higher tier (Since 60 was the max level without the expansion, there’s a significant power jump at 61). So I give it a shot… and get a Monk Daibo with 178% damage increase over what I was using. Oh, and it already had a socket on it. Dumbfounded, I try to use another gamble, this time on shoulders in hopes of replacing the lower level ones I still had… poof, another legendary, with the buff of town portal becoming an absorb shield. Two tries, two legendaries. Pretty damned strong.

Well, since hitting 60 gained access to Chapter 3, I had to see what all things I didn’t complete yet. Level the Blacksmith and Jeweler to 12, need more gold. Level to 70, okay. And then… beat any end-chapter boss on Master or above. Huh. This whole time I was playing on Hard (difficulty 2 out of the 4 non-Torment ones) and Master was two tiers higher. Well, what the hell. I just got some new shinies. So I replaced my gems, buffed my survivability, slapped some weapon damage into that new daibo, and went to town on the Butcher.

Rolling in with 4 of the little suicide bombers and a new weapon, plus whatever other stat boosts? He melted. Even for me doubling my difficulty level. Felt damned good, man.

Now to get some sleep, get through an early day of work, get home, and hit 70. Catch ya guys once I see what Chapter 4 has in store for me, and I’ll update you all tomorrow. Might even get around to rambling about my old Diablo stories.

-Bane Falcon

Gold may shine, but steel smashes, rips and chops.” (Reminding dwarves what is important.)


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