Blaugust Day 24: Gambling and Jousting

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Like every other somewhat casual Blizzard fan, I play Hearthstone. However, I’ve been rocking it since the beta, and was hoping it would be closer to the WoW TCG made by Cryptozoic. Instead, it’s its own special animal. Buuut I’m a sucker for collecting things that won’t be available later, therefore they suckered me into buying the $50 pre-expansion packs for…

It's liiiive!!

It’s liiiive!!

So with the 50 packs I have stored up, plus 1200g, I’m gonna crack ’em open and report my earnings on here.

First pack is standard, second is double rare. Meh, I’ll take it where I can. Getting a bit of the lag on the third and fourth, also standard packs. And woohoo, got the murloc knight to make my pally murloc deck! Couple packs later, Competitive Spirit and another Murloc Knight. Still no gold or epics, and just the one double ra- owait, nevermind.

Aight, first shiny pack. I'll take it.

Aight, first shiny pack. I’ll take it.

Huh, two packs later, and I get a triple rare pack. Not too shabby, so far. Another normal pack, then my first gold! Rare gold, hm… shammy totem aggro?

shiiiiny. And double rare!

shiiiiny. And double rare!

First duplicate rare, then another double rare pack… with a duplicate rare. And another Murloc Knight. Then a duplicate in the next pack. THe one after, I got a golden bear trap! I’ll enjoy that one. Aaand then this one happened…

Double epix!

Double epix!

Yeah, that one’s kinda cool. Let’s keep going! Epic no rare, epic double rare! Yeah, mkay, still going good.

Admire his cleavage!

Admire his cleavage!

...hokay, going stronger.

…hokay, going stronger.

I’d be more impressed with that one if half the rares I pulled weren’t the Watchman. Normal pack, normal pack, normal pack, double ra– oh well played.

Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber!

Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber!

Double rare, rare + golden rare, still going strong. Little over halfway through the preorder packs. Standard pack again, and then…



Well now I can make the pirate deck to match my pirate card backs! Double Epic? Huzzah. Standard rare with yet another Mogor’s Champion (I think that makes four now? Maybe five?). Normal pack, rare+epic pack, standard with a golden common, standard, rare+epic, and… sure, this works too.

Golden Epic Frosty? Yus.

Golden Epic Frosty? Yus.

He’ll actually get some play. Handful of more standards, then another rare+epic with the magnataur, more normal packs, then my second legendary.

Oh yeah, and a gold rare.

Oh yeah, and a gold rare.

Base count for pre-order, 175 commons, 61 rares, 12 epics, 2 legendaries, with 9 gold cards. Now for the extra 12 I saved for. First two packs are double rares, then a rare+epic. A few more standard packs (one of whicn I’m sure was entirely duplicates over the limit), and another double rare. And the pack before the last one?

He might see some play, too.

He might see some play, too.

Final pack was 2 rares and an epic, putting the gold-bought packs at 41 commons, 26 rares, 2 epics, and 1 legendary.

GRAND TOTAL OF OPENING: 216 commons, 87 rares, 14 epics, and 3 legendaries.

Now let’s see how many after dust. 16 rares and 116 commons for 900, plus the 970 I had before going into this? Sweet, that’s another legendary.

I was writing up the bulk of all the other things I didn’t have yet, but it’s too specific of a list. On average, I’m simply missing 1 legendary and possibly both epics, or needing 1 more of each epic or an occasional rare, for each of the classes. The expansion just came out, and I already feel like I’m mostly done collecting it. Maybe next time, they can do a $20 or $30 instead of $50?

Now to actually play with this stuff.

-Bane Falcon
Can’t buy honor in the market.” (Obvious meaning; but also a sigh of some itinerant clanless dwarves that wish for a more proper life.)


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