Blaugust Day 21: Have Group, Will Travel

Posted: August 21, 2015 in Uncategorized
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For those of you at home who may not have been following along so far, I’m a Blizzard fan. I play the full spectrum of Blizzard games, more or less, even if I’m atrocious at Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft. I’m craving the next Diablo season, and I’m in casual mode in WoW. I’ve been a fan of Blizzard games since I was in middle school and dusted off an old iMac jellybean looking computer and put Warcraft 2 on it. Or possibly when I got Diablo on something. I don’t particularly remember…

Well, with all of those years of gaming with one company, you meet a few people along the way. You find yourself a couple groups, make some friends. And if you have the means, you might swing out to BlizzCon a time or two. Or you might be lucky enough to live in the area, and make it a plan to catch it whenever you can. Well, maybe not you, but that’s what I’m doing. While sticking in the same guild for a few years, the odds averaged out to meeting up some other people in the area.

Go to BlizzCon and get blasted on the TV 3 separate times asking about Bacon, while wearing a bowler cap, and people have a tendency to remember you for a short while. Some of those other people might also be in the area, since the convention is local. And some might be people you’ve met up with a couple times before. And hey, you might even make a facebook group to cover the BlizzCon locals in hopes of people wanting to meet up.

Well, that’s more or less what I did, a while back. And then there’s wonderful days like today. August 21st. Where one of my friends is turning 21, and I know him from the local pizza/craft beer/karaoke place. So naturally, he plans on going to karaoke tonight and trying some good beer. Huzzah, got paid today, and got a little more than I expected. Always fun. Then top it off with one of my friends asking last week about getting people together on the 21st for beer and karaoke, while having us all spread the word like wildfire? Yeah, now it’s a shindig. Oh, and pepper in a couple people from work or my group of friends who are also into Blizzard games.

So, posting this in the wee hours of morning because tomorrow, I’m going to pick up my Lootcrate, check it out, get to work, drudge through it, then go straight to karaoke after, to hang out with comic book fans, Blizzard friends I haven’t seen since last BlizzCon, work friends, and whoever else happens to show, while getting a couple things to sip at and having a good time.

I love it when a plan comes together.

-Bane Falcon

Have you ever seen a worm fidget?” (often spoken between dwarves at those rare times when they attend human or elven events, where dancing is involved.


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