Blaugust Day 20: Countdown

Posted: August 20, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Sometimes, there’s the mysterious conflux of events, where everything aligns. When Soon becomes Soon becomes Release Date becomes Next Week. When it’s for a single game, or beer, or movie, it’s kinda awesome when it’s right around the corner. When it’s for BlizzCon, it’s a frazzling event, where you’re losing sleep because you can’t wait, and you’re losing sleep because you’re not ready. All the hype.

Then there’s the times when the releases all align with one another. For example, the next week. We get the new Hearthstone patch on the 24th, which I was dumb enough to drop $50 in order to get the card back. We have 2.3.0 in Diablo, and the new season starting on the 28th. And then we get flying in Draenor in WoW. Oh, and they just added another new hero in Heroes of the Storm.

It’s so much awesome hitting the fan in such a short period of time, I don’t know what to do.

….okay, that’s an exaggeration. I know exactly what I’m doing. Cracking the Hearthstone packs, derping around when I’m completely bored in WoW and waiting on queue timers for Timewalking Dungeons to work on archaeology since I can fly, and sinking all other waking, non-working hours into Season 4 Hardcore Monk, most likely named Furiosa.

If I wasn’t about to finish LFR on my warrior for my legendary, and didn’t get the last daily boss mount yesterday, I’d be a bit more frustrated. And hells, I have a casual raid team trying to softly recruit me, but when we spend 3 hours and get 3 normal bosses down… Sorry, I may have gone casual, but I’m still too much of a heroic/mythic player to just accept all of that. So it’s a good thing that WoW is holding lesser interest for me.

But what if I wasn’t at that point? What if I still had alts I cared about? And was more avid a player of Hearthstone? And still wanted to go deep into Season 4 once it started? It would be an interesting time. It would be a hell of a mental shuffle.

Oh well, glad I don’t have to deal with most of that!!

-Bane Falcon

You can’t milk a stone for water, but you can crush a goblins head with one fist.” (A saying that states never try to do the impossible and that killing goblins is always possible.)


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