Blaugust Day 19: PugLife

Posted: August 19, 2015 in Uncategorized
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With my current work schedule (aka my almost permanent work schedule) I find myself unable to make my guild’s raid times at the moment. Usually because the guild runs start at about the time I’d be taking my lunch, and end when I’d get home. That’s a minor issue with both my guild and myself going casual. The days off I have were for our old progression run, but since each thing the guild is doing is one-day stuff, it doesn’t quite mesh. I still love it here, and have zero intention on leaving.

That brings up the fun and interesting dilemma of wanting to get some gear and see the content, but not wanting to tie myself down to a single group. Thus, the much-dreaded pugging.

For those who haven’t been around much lately, there’s this awesome new revamp to the LFG system. You can search for different raids or instances, check to see how many bosses they have down, and how many tanks/heals/DPS they already have in the party. And for listing, you can set the name, the item level minimum you want, and a note describing the plans for the run. Those make finding raids a hell of a lot easier than simply lounging in trade chat and spamming a LFG message.

I’ve been trying to pug into a Blackhand only kill for the past few weeks, and every group is always a few bosses before, and falls apart before they get there… or cuts down on the “Low DPS” and only keeps the people who no longer need gear from him. All I want is to get The Black Hand for transmog (and a little bit of a sidegrade)!! Well, can’t win ’em all, and I don’t feel like trying to run a raid of it myself.

As for current content, I’ve somehow managed to get myself an open invite to a casual raid team. I think they’re only 4 or 5 bosses into Normal at the moment (and apparently are going to do the first boss on heroic tonight), but it’s something. And running with them means a wing of LFR I don’t have to subjugate myself to suffering through. So.. it works. If I don’t want to raid that night? I don’t have to. I’m just the pug.

Another awesome part of the recent LFG system… world bosses and champions. There’s 4 daily mobs in Tanaan Jungle that give either a chance at either a rep token or a mount, and 100 oil per kill. But waiting on each respawn on its own is… kind of a severe pain. Thus, searching in the custom groups tool is your friend. Jump into a raid cross-server where the boss is up, hope that it’s actually STILL up and that someone didn’t forget to delist their group, hit the boss a couple times, and what would take an hour per boss if you’re lucky, becomes maybe an hour for all 4.

…and so far, as I’ve been typing this, I’ve gotten into two different groups for Vengeance, where the boss either hasn’t spawned yet or was already dead and still listed. REGARDLESS!! The system works, and allows for some beneficial pugging.

Blizzard is making it rather easy for players who don’t have set teams or groups to still experience the content and world, and that’s something I never needed before… but I’m taking full advantage of it now. And who knows, I might end up in one of your groups some day!

-Bane Falcon
Does he seem chalky to you?”(pale, disheveled, nervous)


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