Blaugust Day 13: BlizzCon Beer Swap

Posted: August 13, 2015 in Uncategorized
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So today’s gonna be a quick and easy ranting session about what helped make sure I’m going to every damned BlizzCon I can. The first year I went to BlizzCon, I was flying solo. I knew that maybe a couple guildies were possibly kinda-sorta going, but never managed to line up with them. So instead, I just did my own thing. I was in a couple facebook groups for it, to try to connect with other players, and figure things out from there.

One of them was the fledgling rendition of the BlizzCon Beer Swap. It was going to be a handful of us, maybe 20 or so max, meeting up and trading or sharing bottles of microbrews that we knew and loved. Only downside is… we kinda flubbed on the execution. It ended up being a handful of us clandestinely meeting in either the Hilton or Marriot bar areas, trying to sneak a bottle to each other under the table, then once both hotels caught what we were doing (you need a specific liquor license to allow outside alcohol in your drinking areas) we were politely chased out. So other parts of the swap took place in the no-mans-land between the two plazas, and the rest was a simple trick or treat between rooms with good beer.

Well, we got organized for last year. Made a facebook group, pushed it on forums, tweeted at the Blues who enjoy craft beer. Ended up having some of the group, including one of the other founders of the idea, get a suite with a meeting room, so we had about 20-30 people inside and a bit more outside. We covered a meeting room table with beer. Easily a couple thousand dollars worth. Mumper swung in on the night before the swap, Terrran Gregory during the swap itself, and Bashiok and Zarhym the day after. It was a blast.

And good gods, the beers… Some I’ve never even heard of, some I’ve heard of but didn’t know people still had, and some that I just wanted to try. We had a guy bring 12 bottles from Scotland, and I believe someone from central Europe brought some to share, as well. I came in unprepared last year, and this time around, I’ve been saving and stashing since the weeks following BlizzCon, in order to bring some goodies.

This year… we’re somewhat back to the idea of winging it. Our main group wasn’t able to get a suite again, so we’re hoping that we can simply piggyback off of people who are staying at the Hilton and just hold the swap on the poolside patio again. The beer swap group is going strong in facebook, and we’re pretty much declaring the event itself as a bottle share while swapping via mail during the year. The idea is being bounced around for renting a place a mile away and selling tickets, but… eh, that kinda takes away from the spirit of it, in my opinion.

If you enjoy quality beer, good times, and drinking ’til the sun comes up while yammering on about lore and mechanics and war stories, you should check it out.

-Bane Falcon
Drinking contests with humans are unbearable. They drink, they collapse, and we have to drag them back to their homes. The next day they never remember losing.


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