Blaugust Day 12: Well Played

Posted: August 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

I remember back in… okay, maybe not quite remember, but I know back in either elementary or middle school, I was first introduced to Magic: the Gathering. Regardless, I started early. I know I lost a deck on a Saturday morning because I had it in the same pocket as a raw egg I brought as a payload for rocket club, and the egg cracked. Lost another to the wash. But it wasn’t until I moved down to Florida and started hanging out at my local card and comic shop that I really got into it.

I played Magic for many years, and picked up some other card games along the way. Versus System, and my blast of a team-up between Teen Titans and Avengers. DBZ card game with my Perfect Cell main villain deck, and as many side villains as you could throw at it. UFS, but that was mostly me building decks with other peoples’ cards, or using their decks in tournaments. And my personal favorite out of them all, the WoW TCG.

It had the resource base of M:tG, the targeted attack of VS, and the lore of Warcraft (even if I kept swearing at the time I’d never play WoW). It was the only card game I’ve ever run a tournament scene for a month straight, thanks to my Lil’ Debbie shaman deck. (Debros, Cousin to Moon was a 2-drop card, X/1, where X was the number of resources you had. And shaman had lots of ways to ready a creature costing 2 or less. Windfury combo go). Big surprise, DKs came out and were overbalanced and kicked the crap out of the scene after a while.

I played it from the initial expansion and Dark Portal, all the way up to the bitter end. Cryptozoic separated from making the Blizzard card game in order to look into making Hex, an online TCG, around the same time that Blizzard was working on Hearthstone. So they severed ties and both made their own online games.

Hearthstone is a rather amusing game to play. I enjoy the ability to pick up and go, and sometimes the simplicity is pretty good in its own right. I don’t play ranked that much (ie, don’t bother outside of trying for the card back), but that might be changing with their new ranked model. I’ve been playing it since beta, and still have a lot of cards to unlock and don’t have any classes at max level or gold.

The game is still fun for me, and if I know I’m going to lose, I stick to what I learned in other card games… if my deck no longer has any answers, or their board is too strong for a quick match, I’ll concede. Sometimes if it’s a janky combo deck, I’ll drop if my first hand because I’m only aiming for a 5 or higher minions win. The game doesn’t irritate me too often. Sometimes, the RNG might be frustrating, or getting the one wrong draw each time, or having some new deck I haven’t heard about completely stomp me. I might get frustrated, sure. Even the slow players don’t always drive me up the wall.

The biggest issue I have? The single-most infuriating thing? It’s getting the last laugh. The little snarky jab, to rub your face in the dirt after you’re down and defeated. Or the sarcastic snap when you drop after having two of the most incorrect opening hands as possible. Essentially, anything other than a legitimate close match, or a quirky exchange of plays and use of mechanics.

The two most hated words in combination in any Hearthstone match, to me?

“Well Played.”

-Bane Falcon
“We still hone the axe” (the full expression being, “We still hone the axe which slew your kin. Tis’ still sharp and ever-ready”) A warning the dwarves will use—we still hone the axe—to denote a second or third attack on goblins or orcs who didn’t learn their lessons the first time the dwarves attacked.


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