Blaugust Day 10: Coasting

Posted: August 10, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Siege of Orgrimmar finally wrapped up, and the hypetrain for Warlords of Draenor was going full speed. The new character models looked badass, the info on the orc leaders were cool, and they managed to make time-travel and alternate reality not seem completely lame or half-assed. My guild was pretty excited about it. We had people setting up leveling teams, making sure to figure out whatever cool stuff to hit along the way, and either speed-leveling routes or ways to clear each zone efficiently.

Eh, the launch maybe had a few minor issues. Like me not being able to log in for the bulk of the first 3 days. Or the different progression lines in the starter zones with everyone stacking on one clickable item. Or that my internet was so damned screwy, I was tethering off of my phone for half of our progression on Heroic (and then Mythic when they changed it over) Garrosh, and still had to tether to play during WoD launch.

Well, those sorted themselves out rather quickly. Fixes and patches went out, garrisons were established, people got to 100 and started gearing up. At first, things were fine and dandy. A couple people didn’t blitz to level in the expansion, some others dropped entirely or just played it casual. But the biggest issue was getting and keeping the roster for 2 separate 20-man Mythic runs.

The team I was in before was a 10-man Heroic, and the main run went from a 10-man heroic to 25-man to try to boost the roster a bit. By which I mean the main run had roughly 35 people, and our 10-man bounced between 13-17 to make sure each raid had enough to cover class-switches for fights, and IRL issues preventing people from raiding. Then they made Mythic the standard. A core 20 people, one raid size, easier to balance. The main run had to shed some people, and we had to combine with another raid group from our guild and hope we could line up the schedule well enough for people to show.

The Mythic groups were fine enough in High Maul. I switched back to my Warrior during the first bit of the expansion, both to give Gladiator a shot, as well as enjoying my warrior and wanting to get him geared up. After a while, however… it was either my DPS, my gear, or just my playstyle, but something wasn’t quite adding up, and I went back to my hunter. We kept raiding Blackrock Foundry when it came out, and even started working on Mythic bosses in there. The main run started to get even more attrition and ended up going casual. A few weeks after that, so did we.

We loved raiding together, sure. But the overhead required to have two Mythic 20 man guilds, instead of one 25 and one 10, was a pain. The tuning was also incredibly tight, and requiring 20 people meant that not a single one could afford to make a mistake. Now we have a one night a week Sunday run in Heroic, and I usually stick to LFR or occasionally pugging a flex run now and then. The game is still fun and enjoyable, but… eh. I don’t feel the need to be hardcore about it, at the moment. It allows me to play D&D with my friends, or just hang out and grab a beer, or to play any other game that’s catching my eye.

Sure, I miss having my uber awesome badass raid group… but sometimes, taking it easy is just what is needed. And the new Diablo season is right around the corner.

-Bane Falcon

“Ten seconds more…(and I will smash ye into nothingness!)” A popular quote attributed to a legendary dwarven warrior. Now used euphemistically, “ten seconds more” implying, I’m losing my patience, and you are about to feel my wrath. Good tip to back off, if you ever hear a dwarf say that to you in the tavern one night.

  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    Yeah, I think I aged past my willingness to play most anything as hardcore as I once did. My interests are simply too varied. I do love organized play and a good challenge still, though.

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