Blaugust Day 8: Hell, It’s About Time

Posted: August 9, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Huzzah for getting home in time to make this post today! It’s still the 8th for another 97 minutes, so I’m okay enough in that regard… >__>
Also, this is a brief side-tangent in the overall story I’ve been giving. The behind the scenes crap, and why Blizzard means so much to me.

So, I was brought into playing WoW with the roommates I was living with, in a house that was owned by one friend’s family. Our housing situation was… screwy. Not to go into too many details, but we were living there for free while some wheeling and dealing happened between two banks and some lawyers. Eventually it got cleared up, and our living situation evaporated when the friend’s family decided to move back into the now forclosureless house. Evicted, right around thanksgiving, and I believe a week before my mom’s birthday.

So I called her up, wished her well, and said I had to move back home. THAT was a great conversation…

Well, when I was living there, I was working part-time as a delivery driver at a chinese restaurant, using one of my friend’s cars. Kinda hard to drive deliveries after you no longer have access to a vehicle. Moved on to taking the bus for a 4-hour shift at the restaurant’s sister location, putting flyers on cars and waving a sign. Eventually, that fell through as well. So with no transportation outside of the bus, and a hodgepodge of experience, I tried applying anywhere and everywhere to get something going. Too many gaps in history, too many places, whatever reasons… never got one.

Through all of this, I was still raiding. My raid leaders, Cinn and Osh, were living in California, whereas I was in Florida. They kept telling me for years to swing out to SoCal. They just bought a house, they had an extra room, and they knew I could find work easier there than in a market that was still reeling from the housing bubble bursting. I kept telling them I’d think it over, I’d see how things go, etc.

Well, after not having gainful employment while living with my parents (again) with one sister moving back in (again) and my little brother leaving for college, they told me that they were moving to the next town over, to live in an apartment closer to their works for cheaper… and I wasn’t coming with.

It might be viewed as a harsh move, but it was necessary. It lit a fire under my ass like nothing else could. I didn’t even bother trying to hit up my friends in the area… Half of them were still living with their own parents, and the other half just moved BACK to living with their parents after the GamerHouse went under. The remaining few were those I didn’t know too well, but we were all deadbeats spending all day at the comic shop or plugged into our PCs.

So I dropped everything, packed up a couple boxes worth of my stuff, mailed my computer out, and took a 3 1/2 day Greyhound ride from SW Florida to Southern California, to live with a couple people I’ve never met. But I knew Cinn and Osh. We raided together for half the week for the better part of… 3 years? Helped form a guild together. Kicked around in vent and doing other random stuff on the sides. They made an offer, I swallowed a bit of my pride and asked them for help.

That was summer of 2012, and about 2 weeks before my birthday. After moving out here, I found a job in about a month that was specifically looking for someone with my hodgepodge retail experience, I lost 100 lbs, built my own computer, moved out on my own, made full-time at work, and discovered a delicious and expensive hobby of craft beer.

I am in control of my own life, my own funds, my own location. Almost like I’m a real boy, or something!! It never would have happened if it weren’t for my parents telling me I wasn’t coming along when they moved. It never would have happened if it weren’t for two strangers offering a guest room in exchange for some piddly amount of rent.

It never would have happened if it weren’t for World of Warcraft.

I can honestly say that WoW has permanently changed my life, introducing me to some of the coolest people I know, as well as giving me opportunities that I never would have had otherwise. How many people can honestly say that WoW got them out of living with their parents, made them lose weight, and got them into a position to have a full-time job?

This community is something in which I take a deep amount of pride. The way we can come together with the energy of BlizzCon, or having people from across several countries working towards downing a boss… or something as simple as giving a bed in hopes of turning a friend’s life around…

This is why I’m a Blizzard fan. And nothing will ever take that from me.

-Bane Falcon
“Never turn down an ale, who knows if it may be your last.”


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