Blaugust Day 7: A New Home

Posted: August 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

Apparently, it’s a good idea to give your raiders a break between expansions. At least, it is for our crew. When we were pushing so hard to down the top tier content for so long, and then wait a couple days in order to blitz to 90 and gear up as fast as possible? Things don’t quite go too well. People need to unwind a bit.

Sidetracking briefly, I have to cover my personal raid leading skills.

They’re almost nonexistent.

I used to do Baradin Hold or Tol Barad runs every week, on every max level character I had. I’d have a series of macros outlining the mechanics in 1-2 lines, and a 2-set macro outlining my loot rules. The macros generally went like “Welcome to BaneFalcon’s ___ run! MS > OS > Screwing Up. Screwing up means a tank not taunting, a healer being out-healed by the tank, or a DPS being out-damaged by the tank. Getting killed by (insert easily avoidable mechanic here)” I wasn’t known for my subtlety, but if I was gonna be carrying someone, I wanted to get paid for it. It wasn’t fair if someone who needed the gear and contributed lost out to someone who just walked in there, died on the first hit because they face-pulled, and walked away with loot.

As for how I covered mechanics… it was short and sweet. “Hokay. Taunt swap on X. Don’t stand in the shit. Interrupt. Stack for this one thing and pop heal CDs. Hero on the pull. Ready check for pull.” I ran a few alt runs now and then as one-night one-shot normal Dragon Soul runs. Quick and easy, without long exposition on bosses. It worked out well enough.

Back to the main story… Most of our raiders got up to 90 in time for the first raid. Some of them were decently geared. A few were even gemmed and enchanted. So out of the 14 person roster we had, about 7 or 8 of them showed up for our first raid. We had more the second night, but didn’t go far. The following week, same thing. Had a healer quit the game, others got burned out, and the expansion was maybe a month old by this point. Nothing against ’em, but there really wasn’t anything to be done. Got to the point that our guild leader and assistant guild leader got burned out and dropped the game, as well. I ended up being the raid leader and tried to string along some of our willing players for a bit longer, but eventually the guild just went casual and somewhat inactive.

I tried to go a while without raiding, or pugging into the occasional run, and it was either infuriating or uneventful. Eventually, a couple of my friends from trade chat or random pug groups started noticing I wasn’t getting anywhere and was trying for a new guild. And there was a new name full of old players resurfacing on the scene as the juggernaut guild of our server. Scooping up all the talent and presenting a clear, cohesive image of being solid and cooperative.

Eh, I had nothing to lose, so I put in an application. My raid history, along with recommendations from a handful of people in the guild (later found out that about a quarter of the guild knew and spoke well of me, except for my trolling) got me into it rather quickly. And once I was in, and saw how they pushed for heroic and top-tier end-game content without egos? With everyone getting along? And taking a zero tolerance policy on trolling or harassment (legitimate harassment, not the casual poking fun at each other in guild chat)? I knew I was home.

The house I helped build was built on spite with a smaller group of people trying to seek shelter from the storm. The house that THEY built was sturdy, rugged, and balanced fun and professionalism. It had a mission, a goal, longevity. And it has some of the coolest people I’ve ever played the game with.

I was home.

-Bane Falcon
“Dwarven women are like a good hammer. Always ready for work, and just as able to smash a head as hammer a sword.


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