Blaugust Day 6: Standing Tall

Posted: August 6, 2015 in Uncategorized
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So, bit of insomnia and somewhat boredom, thus today’s entry is now and not after-I-wake-up-too-damned-early-to-catch-the-expansion-announcement-stream.

After we killed Arthas, we started in on heroics. Solidified the roster a bit, got some fresh blood into the guild, even contemplated a 25-man, almost. But due to the different loot tables in ICC, I couldn’t fully get the pieces I needed without getting into a 25. So I pulled double duty on my warrior, being a heavy-hitting DPS in the 10-man guild run, and actually joining a miserable cesspool of a guild for 25H clears.

They were the biggest trolls and assholes on the server, the giant egos and the blatant abuse that came with them knowing they were the big fish in the small pond. By this point, the “big names” on our server had either disbanded or transferred off, leaving some skilled players behind that either never got in with them, or were happy where they were at. The 25H guild basically grabbed those players up and burned through them like they were disposable. Bring ’em in for the runs, either keep ’em or drop ’em as they saw fit.

The raid leader was the single most abusive, offensive, degrading, power-hungry troll that I’ve ever encountered. It was a trial of sorts simply to be in the raid, in Vent, and even the guild with him. Speak up about something like a bad joke, or being targeted verbally, or defending yourself for why a mechanic killed you, you were prone to getting /gkicked. I got a couple pieces of gear I needed, but more importantly, I became aware of what to avoid as a guild or raid leader.

All that aside, once they merged 10 and 25 lockouts on heroic, I went back to my main guild. We didn’t manage to down Lich King 10 Heroic, but we got some pulls in on him. We took a break, relaxed, and kept on going when Cata hit. Strong start, blitzed through a bunch of the normals, worked on heroics. I ended up in some financial crap during the expansion, and ended up living with my parents again and having my account lapse for a bit. Kinda sucked because part of the outage was during the Brawler’s Guild, and I was trying to gear my rogue up during Firelands so I could switch to it for the legendaries in Dragon Soul. Got it all sorted out and through Dragon Soul we went. By this point, our roster was pretty shiny, but mostly because the other successful guilds were falling apart. We kept getting new raiders, but we kept having others leave the game or the server as well.

Two other awesome things happened during that long-ass end tier. It was the first time my guild full-cleared every boss in every raid on every difficulty, including going back for Heroic Rag and Sinestra, as well as H Deathwing. And I got my legendary daggers before any other 10-man run, yay. Well, because we were doubling back and making our lists all squeaky-clean, we didn’t end up taking a break. We raided from the start of the expansion all the way through, killing Sinestra and Ragnaros one last time the week before Mists of Pandaria hit.

Aaaand that probably wasn’t the best of ideas. TUNE IN NEXT TIME FOR MORE SHENANIGANS!!

-Bane Falcon
“Never turn down an ale, who knows if it may be your last.”


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