Blaugust Day 5: Arthas Strikes Back

Posted: August 5, 2015 in Uncategorized
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We did it. We made our own guild, that we ran how we saw fit, with our own intelligent players and friends. We allowed for trolling and slight shenanigans, as long as it didn’t completely stop us from recruiting. And we started to churn through ICC. Summer started, generic raider turnover happened. We kept having to pull new players in, or gear up alts, or do all of that roster-fu and people juggling to keep us going. But we were finally facing off against the Lich King.

…and had a month-long period where every time we tried to raid, something else came up. Tank or healer’s computer meltdown. Someone else had their internet out. Traveling, weddings, anniversaries, or, my personal favorite, 2 or 3 separate times of having someone turning off the zone buff in ICC.

EVENTUALLY, we were able to get it going. Get some actual progression on it. But things were tight, and desperate times called for desperate measures. The guild actually had ME tank on a progression fight.

Well… “tank”. I was there to slap Vigilance on the main tank, taunt off long enough for him to drop stacks, and do some add control. I’m not the best of tanks by any means, and I can listen to orders being barked at me for what to do when needed, but I thrive as DPS. So getting to that point wasn’t the best of options.

This is the part where I wish I remembered better, because the big finish was pretty damned cool. I don’t quite recall if I was tank or DPS for it, but we were on the Lich King. We got through the Defiles, the silencing adds, the Frostmourne phases, all of the random crap. Someone got knocked off mid-fight, someone else dropped later on. And as the main tank is kiting Arthas around away from the floaty spirit dudes in the last bit of the third phase, I decide that things are getting sketchy. The healers are getting slammed, raid health is going down, and the pressure is on.

Gritting my teeth, I pop all my personal survival CDs and blow my AoE taunt to get the spirits to focus me…
at the exact moment that the Lich King kills our main tank.
The timing could not have been better if I tried. And hells, I didn’t even know I did it, until I saw ol’ Big an Frosty bashing me upside the skull. I ran, freaked, panicked, and then…. died.

…along with everyone else.

It took a few seconds to realize, with everyone being disgruntled. Everyone but the raid leader/main tank. IMMEDIATELY, he started to scream into vent “DO NOT RELEASE. DO NOT RELEASE. DO NOT FUCKING RELEASE.”

The timer was still ticking on DBM. There was some dialogue starting to happen. And we couldn’t hear a damned bit of it, because the entire raid exploded. We didn’t die to damage (well, most of us did)… we had just enough DPS still alive, just enough DoTs rolling, to push Arthas into killing the raid and into the last transition.

Jumping, screaming, tears in my eyes, hands trembling. Victory. A well-earned, hard fought win. And a clusterfuck one that we barely managed to actually accomplish.

If anyone ever asks me why I play WoW, I tell them it’s about the people. About the players, the bonds you make, the community. But deep down, it’s about those rare moments when you’re with a group of people you’ve been raiding with forever, and having a dirty, sloppy, horrible kill, pulling it out of your ass on the last possible second when you should’ve been dead, and calling that the first death of a progression boss you’ve been working on forever.

-Bane Falcon
” A spear is not a dwarven weapon, but it will kill all the same. (in times of need, improvise)”


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