Blaugust Day 3: Origins.

Posted: August 3, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I once swore that I would never, ever touch World of Warcraft.

I played the TCG regularly, and was one of the contenders in the local tournament scene. I even played the RP system for a campaign or two. I loved Warcraft II, III, and Frozen Throne. But I would NEVER touch WoW.

The main issue? I was pressured into playing it by friends who couldn’t be bothered to play with me. I started it up, got to maaaybe level 20 or so. And while still trying to figure out what do in the game, I would derp around in Stormwind. Occasionally, these giant Abominations would show up, and since some random NPC dude was yelling about defending the city against the abom, well, my little warrior self ran off to help!! By “help”, I clearly mean “get flattened repeatedly”. So, my friends pressures me into playing, I tried it out, and because no one bothered to actually explain any of it to me, I decided that it was a waste of time and stopped bothering.

Now, this was also around the time when I was still workin’ on my slick threads to win costume contests in Atlas Park in City of Heroes, or getting a defense capped/max move speed build off of Hover on my Crab Spider in City of Villains. Dabbling in the win of Star Wars: Galaxies pre-NGE and CU, being a badass Wookie Rifleman (with Bowcaster, of course)/Fighter Pilot/Musician. Because damnit I wanna be a Wookie Pilot Rockstar. Or I was tweaking out my Drake or Raven or Caracal and reciting the Caldari Creed at my enemies as I dipped into lowsec in EvE Online. So I wasn’t against MMOs. I was just against the overinflated, self-important, egotistical WoW crowd who wanted everyone to join ’em, but didn’t wanna be bothered with actually TEACHING them about what do.

A few years went by, and I ended up living with a group of close friends. CoH/CoV was on its way out, we drifted apart from EvE, LAN’d DotA or played Dokapon Kingdom together, and I bounced between a couple other games until one of my friends decided to start up a WoW account for my birthday present.

…I was less than pleased.

But finally starting it up, in a nerd HQ housing set-up, and playing on a dining room table that almost creaked with the number of computers on it? Yeah, that was the way to go. Instead of having issues of not getting it, or being unaware of where to turn to even look up the information, I was essentially dragged along and force-fed the experience. Sink or Swim in Azeroth. I had nothing against the franchise, since I’ve almost always been a Blizzard fanboy (Warcraft 2 and StarCraft could run on this shitty old iMac that looked like a jelly bean and a CRT monitor had a baby, and I didn’t just play Diablo 1, I also played the unofficial Hellfire “expansion) but it took a bit extra to really get me into it.

In one word? Community.

I had no choice in the matter. I was deep-dipped in having a WoW team with me from day one. Barely had to pug while leveling, because chances are that some of the other guys had an alt in my level range. Or I could just quest and do it at my own pace, try to soak up some of the story. Or hells, just make some gold and enjoy the ride while being farmed (although I told them I would only do that with an alt, since I wanted to actually know the game first). But I had the people there, the eager friends, the teachers and accomplices, all within arms reach.

Literally. Within arms reach. They broke me from being a clicker and a keyboard turner by smacking me in the back of the head whenever I tried to do it. I had my keys rebound before I was level 20. One of our household mantras was “Thou shalt not suffer a clicker to live.” But even then, I loved it. When I finally got to 80 about a week after Ulduar launched, we got my dastardly dwarf some gear and threw me into a Naxx run. I got a taste for raiding, and I was loving it.

It was that moment I realized my true issue for swearing off WoW… I knew once I was in, I would be  hooked. It was in my blood. And I take pride in still playing to this day, because of the people I know, the experiences I’ve had, and the opportunities it’s given me. WoW has actually changed my life, and got me out of my parents’ basement, so to speak, and into the functional real world.

But that’s a story for another time.

-Bane Falcon
“The best place to hide something precious is in your beard. (Because no one will think to look in the obvious place)”

  1. moxieblossom says:

    This is awesome! I too was in City of Heroes and scoffed at WoW… for a while. Even once I started playing, I left within a couple of weeks because I was sort of floating with no compass or friends. A few months later I tried again, this time found a good guild, made some friends, and that made all the difference in the world. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • banefalcon says:

      I actually made the mistake of going back to CoH after I played WoW for a bit… and was baffled by the lack of rotations, or boss mechanics, or… anything other than just fun shenanigans.


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